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Dark-purplish coloring around vagina ?

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I'm 14 years old, and had never had sex before. However, I noticed that the skin around my vagina is a dark-purplish color, as well as slightly loose. Other then that, I'm not noticing any other oddities, except a long while ago (a few months) I was excreting a little bit of clear liquidy substance (it's stopped now). But, of course, I would like to know... Is this skin discoloration/loose-ness normal?
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replied July 12th, 2010
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Shinrou, Every woman is different. The size, shape and color of our genitals differ substantially, just like our faces differ. Purple, whine red, dark brown, almost black, white, pink and uneven colors are all normal.

I am not sure you are using the term vagina correctly. The vagina is the hole and 'pipe' that runs into your body. The opening of the vagina is in the vulva. Your vulva is the big outer lips (labia majora) small inner lips (labia minora), clitoris and clitoris hood and the area between your labia minora where the vaginal opening and pee hole is.

The slightly loose skin can be your labia minora, your hymen or the floor of the vulva. It is normal for any of these to be slightly loose. As a matter of fact, your labia minora can push out or be totally hidden, peek out, hang out, be uneven, be smooth, be wrinkled.

You sound like a normal healthy girl.

Take care!
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replied January 31st, 2013
cant find help
i have this dark color spot about dime size by my vigina and leg. never really thought much of it. but recently a same dark color spot started closer by my vigina and had grown about the size as a half dollar. idk what it is. not bumb or rough skin. just this color spot that keeps growing bigger.
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