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Dark Patches around ankles

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i have these dark patches around my ankles. initially it started off in the inner side of the ankle. it has been there since the past 7 yrs..however, now recently, the patches have been showing an upward trend towards my legs. Funny part is it doesn't hurt, nor itch.
I am 27 yrs old, female, kind of overweight, and have a history of PCOD. When i was young, I had severe cases of wheezing, wherein, i use inhalers. Just wondering if this is inter-related.
Would appreciate, if you could help me out, with this.
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replied March 31st, 2010
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This generally means a lack of circulation in your legs...Being overweight can make this more of a problem...You may want to see a Dermatologist and get his/her thoughts on elastic stockings to force the blood back up your legs...Usually this darn area is a iron deposit, but you really should get this looked into....Take care...

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