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Dark Greenish to Black Stool with Foul Smelling Mucus

Hi! I'm 25 years old experiencing some very worrying symptoms. Just today I had 4 episodes of bowel movement. I did not have any abdominal pain but during those times I had to go, the urge was so extreme. But when I pooped I only passed out a lot of gas and very few stools. They were not even watery like diarrhea. Although the last 2 episodes, they were starting to look soft. I got really worried because the last 2 episodes, my stool color had become dark greenish to black in color. And it was really foul smelling. But it had a weird fishy like odor. The 1st episode, my stool was still yellow but had a lot of mucus that smelled fish like too.I passed out fresh blood too I don't have any abdominal pain but had the feeling that my intestine was hypermotile? I don't think I had eaten anything bad these past few days. I'm just so scared because I've read that black stool is due to upper GI bleeding and I may have cancer or maybe a bleeding ulcer. I'm always tired recently.I don't know. I also previously was diagnosed last 3 years ago with internal hemorrhoids (Had massive bleeding episode so underwent a sigmoidoscopy). I'm going in for a check up soon but I just had to ask someone. I'm just so scared
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