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Dark colored Clitoris?

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I hate talking about this, one because it's embarrassing, and two because I have to use the word "clitoris" but I want to hear other women's opinions.
I know every girl is different, and every girl looks different down there, but I can't stand the color of my Clitoris. It's a light pink at the top, but lower down it is a dark grey color. Every time I look at it I feel so unattractive, and even though no one has complained, I know my boyfriend and previous lovers find it not as attractive as a pretty pink one.
The problem isn't him, he loves me no matter what, I just can't seem to shake this feeling of having an unattractive clitoris.

I was just wondering how many other women feel this way, also have the same "look" as me, anything I can do to change it, what others have done to cope with this problem.

Thanks ladies Smile
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replied November 11th, 2013
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I do not understand what the 'problem' is that you keep on talking about?

Your clitoris is not meant to be looked at. It is your sex organ. The source of fun and pleasure. It has no other role than give you orgasms. Feeling embarrased even writing the word 'clitoris' anonymously is a problem. It seems like you have to accept that you are a woman, and all woman have vaginas, clitorises, we menstruate, have discharge, we get pregnant, get infections, we have all shapes and sizes, colors, smells and tastes. We masturbate, we have sex, we orgasm, sometimes not. It is just a fact of life. This it what it means to be a woman.

But you are so so so much more than a clitoris, you have a personality, an intelligence, thought, emotions, love. Low confidence and shame in a woman is very unattractive. Don't become a victim of your own unrealistic standards.

Your clitoris is made up of tissue coming together from different parts, your inner lips, the hood, and the clitoris. It is quite possible that the bottom part can be a different color. And when you stretch the area open to look at it, it can discolor from the pulling.

Have you noticed how your parners differed? In color, shape, bent, size, smell, taste? And your current partner is not complaining, because there is nothing to complain about. How on earth can you pretend to know what your partners find attractive or less attractive? You are not a mind reader, and every man is different. A lot of men do not even know what a clitoris is. Some men do not like oral sex, period. It is not that they find you unattractive. They just do not care for oral sex.

So stop spoiling the fun. Learn how to accept yourself, your body, what you look like. Learn to accept unconditional pleasure, and how to give pleasure to your partner. Sex is an exchange of pleasure and intimacy, not a judgement.

When you wash yourself, wash between your lips with clean water and your fingers. Pull your hood back and rub with your fingers. Avoid soap there. You can use a double fatted soap on your outer lips, but not between them.

Best of luck!
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