This is my first post, so please dont be too harsh, if I am doing something wrong Razz

First, please take this serious, this is NOT a freaking ghost story or something.

I am having rather dangerous dreams lately (Over the past 2 Weeks). I've seen, that the topic of Sleep Paralysis has been discussed here, but in my case, I fear its far more dangerous.

When I lay down to sleep, and get paralyzed, I kind of know what to do, to wake up.
I just have to take a look at my Watch (In my Dreams, it never has numbers nor symbols), so I am aware, that I am dreaming. But the last 3 "episodes" of Paralysis and the Dreams associated with it, gave me chills when I realized it when I was awake again.

So I am in my Bed, paralyzed. I start to see one specific Person (Male) and he starts to hum a Melody. He starts singing and the scary thing is, that I can remember every single Word. It goes like:

"Did you ever think as a hearse goes by
That you will be the next to die?
They wrap you up in a big white sheet
From your head down to your feet
And the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out
In your stomach and on your snout
And your eyes fall out and your teeth decay
And that is the end of a perfect day"

I've never heard a song like this, but yet it seems so familiar.

Then, when he disappears (he repeats these words above 2 times), my Body stands up and goes to a random mirror. I can see, feel and hear everything, but cant to anything against it. Not even my little trick with the watch worked. I know my watch is at my wrist, but as soon as I look at it, its gone. Then, when I am in front of a mirror, I see myself (nothing unusual so far), but then, I start to look very angry and to scream at myself(in the mirror), my face is deforming into a grotesque and teared apart face. It looks like someone has beaten the s**t out of my face. Then I feel a very strange sort of pain (Its like stings from needles) all over my Head.

Finally, I woke up....at the mirror. My Face hurted so much, and as I looked into the mirror, I saw that my nose was bleeding. So (logically) I went to a doctor first, to check if everything is allright. And well....I was fine, no broken nose, or any other injuries. I asked him, why my nose was bleeding and he said, that my "mucous membrane" (Is that the right word?) was "infected".

After that, I went to a Neurologist. He said, that my "streams" were fine, even when I was sleeping. I felt like I was insane, but then I remembered something about regaining control of a Dream/Lucid Dream. I did some of the tricks and ended up in control of the dream and I finally had the chance to speak, listen, watch and move as I pleased. I asked this Person who he is and what he wants from me, and he spoke...well backwards. I didnt catch a word, but I know he was speaking a language I've heard before (And which I can speak), but he was speaking so fast (like you fast forward something, though he went from slow speaking to extremely fast), while his facial expressions got more insane and crazy. And when I couldnt even hear words anymore, just noise out of his mouth, I felt something touching my Shoulder, I turned around and got hit in the face and woke up.

I hope you understand, that I am really scared to sleep again, since I am a rather spiritual person, I think it has something to do with my beliefs in Ghosts/Demons.
(No, I am not a Christian, not a Satanist and not a believer of Eastern Relgions).

Please tell me, that I am not the only one.....
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replied March 20th, 2012
I once had this dream where there was this horned goat in a human body(much like blashopet) and we were going through these rites and had these red hot symbols. It was quite scary. But really I found it was just my imagination
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