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Daily mood swings

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I'm 17 years old and for the last two years I've been having mood swings. I go from really depressed to unusaly upbeat and energetic. I researched bipolar and I can relate to a lot of the symptoms although I've never bought anything I couldn't afford or cheated on my boyfriend while I've been in a 'good' mood.
When I'm in a 'good' mood I don't get tired, I have loads of energy, feel happy no matter what's going on in my life, I get very exciting by things only a child would find excitable, I have racing thoughts, I'm easily distracted, find it hard to concentrate.
When I'm in a 'bad' mood I find it extremely hard to get out of bed, I get angry, I have no interest in things I usually enjoy, I'm always tired, my memory is awful (this is all the time) my appetite changes.
My moods usually change numerous times a day and it's usually depressed/angry and stable moods I'm in, the 'good' moods don't happen as often.
Among these I also get very disturbing images and thoughts in my head, I don't know where these images/thoughts come from.
I've already been diagnosed with depression and seeing a counsellor. Just want some help figuring this out, thanks.
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replied April 11th, 2010
You sound just like how my daughter used to feel. She was diagnosed with Bipolar II. It's not as manic or as low as Bipolar I and often cycles rapidly. In her case every day but can occur differently - weekly, every couple of days etc. Definately sounds like a mood disorder - a chemical imbalance in the brain that needs treating by a good psychiatrist. My daughter's rapid cycling daily meant she was 'up' at night - happy, excitable, loads of energy and down every morning depressed, no motivation - wouldn't get out of bed or have a shower etc. Her downs were more than her ups but when we wrote down an hourly record of how she was feeling over a week we could see the pattern. Good luck. Please seek treatment - counselling alone will help but you might need a professional and get medication to get your chemical imbalance straightened out.
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