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Daily Migraines,IBS,stomach problems,Underweight

Hello sir,
I'm 22 YRS underweight MALE I have had DAILY MIGRAINES without aura from past 10 YEARS,right sided pulsating.

Until last year I realised they begin 2-3 HOURS ,after MEAL and settle if i adequately eat something.

I also have IBS,so I identified my food triggers and I don't eat them now.

After 2-3 hours of food,I get a dizzy situation,my head starts to roll,and I immediately need something to eat.

If I don't eat,the dizziness converts into pain,which lasts the whole day.

I don't feel hungry at all,my head starts to get dizzy,and that is a signal.

I also have acidity problem,which I somehow solve by not eating heavy foods.

It's a very tough situation,because no matter I'm travelling,studying,in exams,or whatever..I just have to eat something immediately.Due to eating again and again to settle down these migraines,I get bowel movements as well.

Sometimes the headaches begin after delayed eating(,and I need to rush for 2-3 rounds of BM's to have relief over migraines. It's a weird situation,and can be summarised as follows:

-> Migraines,intitialising 2-3 hours after food
-> Settle with immediate eating
-> Dizzness,and faints
-> Acidity always present with the migraines.
-> Migraines also settle after a bowel movement.
-> Diet ; very light no junk food/cold drinks/tea/coffee/alcohol
-> Blood sugar = 81,during dizziness/migrained.
-> Endoscopy/abdominal X rays normal
-> Thyroid : Normal
-> IBS symptoms currently relieved by YOGA etc
-> No CT scan done yet
-> I'm underweight: 47 KGs at the age of 22.
-> Nauseated all day,tired and fatigue.

I guess there is some deficiency which is suddenly relieved by food.I get these pains/dizziness every 2-3 hours,and all I do is eat.Even after eating,it might not settle and I'm in more trouble again.
Please tell me what is this rare disorder,and what can I do to identify it and cure it!
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replied August 23rd, 2014
I am going to be following this discussion. I don’t have all of the same symptoms but many of them are similar. The lack of appetite and stomach problems are driving me mad.
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