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daily headaches and neck pain

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Hi my name is Craig,
I am a 26 year old male. I have 2 degenerative or ruptured discs in my lower back. L4 and L5. In the past year I have been experiencing symptoms which have been a mystery to me. I have had headaches which are now daily. Neck pain in the muscles, bone, and it is very tender and hard to move. I have had changes in breathing and problems swallowing. My airway feels very narrow. I have had a very hard time sleeping. Not insomnia but getting good sleep. I had a sleep study done. I don't have alot of apneas, but hypoapneas. I recently began snoring and grinding my teeth. I also have tremors and spasms at night. The doctor that reviewed my study found something unusual and contacted my main doctor. I have weakness in my arms and legs. Numbness in my legs. My coordination, balance is off. I have dizzy spells, vertigo, feels like I am fainting even though I am laying down. Vision is blurry, memory loss, no concentration, speech imparement. Ringing in my ears. The past three to six months the symptoms have progressively gotten worse. Sometimes even daily. I had some MRIs done four days ago. My doctor referred me to a neurologist and my appt is in three weeks, it keeps getting worse and I am scared. I am seeing doctors for this but I really need to know what my preliminary results mean. Here is some of my report. Questionable subtle area and Flair hyperintensity in the right middle cerebellar penduncle.It can be seen in a demyelinating process such as MS.Correlation with CSF studies neck C3-C7 mild uncovertebral joint hypertrophy and mild left facet arthropathy with mild degenerative changes. If someone can help me understand my symptoms and results I would be very greatful. THANK YOU
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