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dad has terminal cancer should we tell him

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Dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to the brain. He is currently on meds for the brain swelling and taking radiation. MY dilema is my sister and mother have decided not to tell him hes dying and how long he has left? should we tell him?
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replied January 26th, 2012

i read your post and i believe that there is something you can do. I could teach you myself but i always recommend that people do their own reading and own research, so i can point you in the direction of endless reading if you so wish.

you need to research GCMAF is a good website to learn.
The first stage is to get a nagalase test done,which is an indicator of just how bad the virus is inside his body, nagalase is a substance that is produced by viral cells, so the higher the reading the more terminal it is.

Whatever the readings, there is potential for treating him with GCMAF, which is a natural substance that our own bodies make, it controls and regulates your immune system, more specifically, it regulates the making of the white killer blood cells that you release that go around munching up and killing virus cells. The reason that virus cells take over your body is that they effect your immune system, disabling it, so they can live happily. The virus stops the production of GCMAF which in turn stops the creation and regulation of the good white killer blood cells.

By taking out proteins from your body and braking them down in a lab (where the virus cant get to them) you make GCMAF and inject it back into your body. The gcmaf then kick starts your immune system which then goes on to fight and kill the virus.

trials on more and more severe cases are ongoing now, the first test back over 10 years ago had 15 early stage cancer patients, all 15 were cured and have had no relapse after 7 years.

So it is definitely something to read into and to consider, i wouldn't contact you or suggest something to you unless it was fully researched, you can find many important studies and peer reviewed scientific journal articles, the treatment has never been disputed but it's at a very infant stage. Europe is the centre of the research and growth.

please contact me with anything at all, it's the type of thing that spending 200-250 to get a nagalase test done will tell you exactly how terminal it is and then treatment would cost about 2k using gcmaf injections over a long period of time, the GCMAF is produced by and they sell only to medical institutions and practitioners across the world.

I strongly urge you to read and research and learn about nagalase and gcmaf, read for yourself and you will learn, i am here to help, i am here to advise and i have autism and i am in the process of getting a nagalase test done myself.

I am looking to help people with severe/terminal illnesses who either dont want or cant use chemo, this is a natural substance with no side effects, radiation is a brutal way to try to fight cancer, all it does is kill enough cells that your immune system can start to slowly grind back into life, exactly the same as what gcmaf does, it's all about the immune system.

your immune system is more powerful than any man made treatment or drug.

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