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Cysts on outside of vagina

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This may be gross if so sorry.. lol anyway I have these large cysts like lumps on the outside of my vagina. They are sore when rubbed against jeans shorts underwear anything. Sorry to say but out of curiosity I have poped one or two and alot of blood comes out. After the blood stops like a clear liquid sometimes faint white color comes out. Once it goes away it leaves a black/blue scare but eventually it comes back and sometimes more then one at a time, and sometimes large and small at the same time! What may these be? And what should I do?? Also I would like to clarify to anyone who does read this post, I do not have any sexually transmitted dieseas. I know just because I get my anual pap's and have never had one come back neg. also I have been with my husband for about 6years now and hes the only partner Ive had in that many years so, yes please dont think ofme as a trashy person! TY
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replied October 12th, 2009
I'd go to the doctor, and if it's not an STD it could be the same thing girls get under there arms, and guys of course... especially people who are overweight. Certain types of fabrics can cause them as well... Maybe try sleeping without any underwear on for a while and try wearing lose clothing. Take some antibiotics and try to get your doctor to write you Mucipirocin... it's really good and should help to clear up. They do come back alot though, you have to take good care of it... they come in damp places, you have to take good care of yourself down there, hygeine, wash a couple times a day and wear ONLY cotton breifs.
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