my daughter was just diagnoised with a cyst that is 36 centemiters long in her stomach. it takes up her whole stomach. they have done tumor maker tests to see if it is malignant and we are awaiting the results. they say they will have to remove it either way. what are the chances that it is malignat or benign?
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replied July 16th, 2009
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Ovarian cyst that may measure 30 cm or more in diameter, is most likely a benign ovarian cyst known as cystadenoma.
It develops from the ovarian tissue and may be filled with a mucous-type fluid material.
This could be also a dermoid cyst or endometrioid cyst, both benign in nature.
Large intra abdominal cyst may originates from other organs within the abdominal cavity, too, but, since you have posted on ovarian cancer forum, I assume it is a ovarian cyst.

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