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What is PCOS? And when does polycystic ovary syndrome become a problem for women?...
Not all women with PCOS share the same symptoms but women with PCOS exhibit one of three main symptoms. PCOS signs and symptoms made clear here....
PCOS is often misdiagnosed. Educate yourself with some diagnostic questions that can point you in the right direction for an accurate PCOS diagnosis....
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Not sure if I spelled eaither of those words right, but here I go.

My mother had cervical displastia. (Not sure if I'm spelling that right.) How ever she said it went away when she had my younger brother.
I have cyts and want to know what my risk of getting cancer/displastia are.
I went to my docter about it and told her how my grandmother on my father's side died of ovarian cancer and she said not to worrie about it.
Should I not worrie?
I was put on a speacil birth control to help me control my cyts. Will this medication reduce my risks for ovarian cancer or will it not matter eaither way?
I haven't taken my medication in over a month and was wondering if my lack of a period had something to do with this.
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