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and I've been on cymbalta since maybe February 2016 for major depression and severe anxiety. For the most part, it works wonderfully for me (as long as I remember to take it. But lately, I've gradually been getting worse and worse. I'm angry all the time. I wouldn't even call it anger, it's rage. Ex. If someone sits in the seat I normally sit in at lunch, I get so mad that I cry. It's constant rage and it's exhausting. I've also been sweating like crazy, and then I'll get chills. I'm constantly physically and mentally exhausted. My anxiety is affecting my stomach and my concentration. I could cry at the drop of a pen. I don't feel like doing anything at all. Not school, not work, not hanging out with friends or my girlfriend. I just want to be alone all the time.

A thought my mom had was that it may be the 3 month deppo birth control shot I got last month screwing with my cymbalta, but idk.

I'm still taking it, but I want to know if anything similar has happened to you.
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