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cutting for control

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First off, I'll just mention that I've been cutting for almost 7 years {on and off} now, it started when my parent split up and then used me and my brother {and custody thereof} as "leverage" in a messy divorce. I've seen alot of posts about people that cut due to stress' in life or pressure they feel but I was just sorta wondering if anyone, other than me, does it for the sense of euphoria and control over my own body that I get from it, I'm fairly sure I've got over any sense of blame for their divorce {They are both lovely people, just not to each other} I apologize if this is just me but I feel like I need to know.

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replied May 7th, 2008
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You describe classic cutting behavior and reasons for cutting. Many people cut for control over some part of their life. The euphoria that accompanies the cutting reinforces the behavior.

Have you talked to anyone about your cutting? Therapy has been successful for some people. Self injury can lead to many other problems. You should seek some professional help for this. Dealing with the emotional aspect of the issue may help you stop cutting.

I hope you will get some help with this.
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