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Cutting, and attempted suicide?

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So my friend and I have gone through some depression, and just recently she met up with this guy, and now their dating, however her boyfriend has attempted suicide more than once, and it upsets me but it also upsets my friend a lot, and ever since she's been dating him, she's been cutting her self ever since and I don't know what to do for either of them, but I want to help cause they aren't going to get help for themselves
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replied January 19th, 2017
I wish I could give you a magic answer that will make this better for everyone because the truth is that your friend is hurting herself and her boyfriend is attempting suicide, they aren't helping each other because they will both feel guilty and in pain when they can't make the other happy and stop hurting themselves. They will only drag each other down with them.

I'm sorry this is hard for you and I wish everyone could be happy.
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replied July 4th, 2017
Ask him why he's doing this. I understand this is hard for you because you don't wanna be through this situation. This could be really dangerous on your mantel health and wealthyness. Knowing that your friend is hurting herself. Keep a close eye on your friend.
So my advice is, ask them why there both doing this. That's all I wanna say Smile
Stay strong! We're both fighting hard for different reasons.

Keep fighting.
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