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Cuts on my labia

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So I have always gotten these kinds of cuts on my labia and right under my vaginal opening... but im posting now because I just found out that there are some diseases that arent checked by a normal pap test. So I am getting worried.
They just look like paper cuts, they are BETWEEN my major and minor labia.. not around the opening really. They are long, over a centimetre (this time). It slightly bleeds if I wipe with toilet paper.
I now have a white paste lining the same place, Between my major and minor labia.... I dont know what this is. It is also itchy, but gets irritated if i scratch it. I think i actually cut myself a bit from scratching.

PLEASE someone help. What should i do??? I am getting worried.
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replied September 5th, 2010
Do you shave at all? Maybe when you are getting rid of the hair down there, you knicked your labia? That's happened to me before!

As for the white paste, it is probably discharge that got caught in the cuts.
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