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cut on back of heel

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hey i am 13 years old and i play rugby. recently i bought new rugby boots and they have been rubbing on the back of my heel. during the match i was tending to ignor the pain. but after the match i noticed that there was lose skin. so when i went home i cut off the lose skin. it is about 1mm deep prob more and about a shape of a circle about 4 cm diameter . it throbs alot. i had the cold 2 days before the cut. it is half pink and half red. hurts when i strech it or walk on it. i didnt put any ointments on i just cleaned it every so often. aprox 1ce and hour or 2. i dont want 2 go to the hospital. my mum and dad are ful time workers so they cant do anything much. they already in stressed dont wanna disturb them so im coing here.
i go back 2 school in 4 days returning from half term. i dont know if i should go because it hurts if i wear another shoe. and i cant walk on it much .

need advise

as soon as posibble
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