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Cut in crease between leg and vagina

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I went to freshen up in the bathroom and noticed that in the creases between my leg and vigina stung a little while I was washing. Then I took a mirror to look and I have a tiny cut there. My husband and I have had sex in two days, so I know it couldnt come from that. I'm not sure if I washed too hard, and caused the cut there or what. It doesent itch, or hurt, it just stings if its touched in that spot. I cant see my doctor til Monday, so I'm wondering if there is some like over the counter cream I can use to help heal the cut or neosporin, or something. Its just earritating. Now since its hotter out, I tend to sweat more down there and the extra moisture is not going to be pleasant. Has this ever happened to anyone else? If so what did you put on it?....Please If anyone has any advice or suggestion, I'm all ears..and
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