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custody battle,, someone give me some advice

Ok, here goes. My husband of 7 years and i are getting divorced. We have a 4 year old beautifull little girl. We separated back in march when he moved out of the house we shared. In april me and the kids ( i have a son from a previous relationship) moved in to a smaller more affordable place. He was constantly harrasing me at work, he shut off my internet and cable, he stormed into my office and stole my cell phone off my desk, and the last straw was when when he stole $155 from my checking account. I decided to move back to my hometown where i had my parents, three sisters, and many friends as a support system for me and my kids. Due to his volitle ways and intense mood swings i felt it became necessary for me to go. In early july we moved to my home town where i would be briefly staying at my mothers home. Two days after i moved there i got a job better than the one i had and within two months moved into a three bedroom house next door to my mom and my aunt.
during this time early on i allowed my husband to take our daughter for a weekend visit. Because there were no current orders in place yet, he refused to return her. I quickly got a hearing date , keep in mind we were both trying to do this without lawyers ( my mistake). When i got to the hearing about two weeks later my husband showed up with a lawyer. The judge decided that until we could schedule another hearing where both parties had plenty of required notice that our daughter would spend two weeks with me then two weeks with her father then back again. This back and forth thing is for the birds. We now live two hours apart and my little girl is being switched around every two weeks. I hate it. So now i have a lawyer and we will be going to court soon.
so now for some background on my husband. Five years ago when i was pregnant my eldest daughter who was 14 at the time accused him of molesting her. He was arrested and indicted on charges. He spent two days in jail. I stood behind him at the time ( dont judge it was a bad situation). She lived with my mother and now lives with me again. My son has chosen to stay living with him so he can finish his senior year at the same school i understood that. Some time after the initial accusation , a cousin of my husbands came forward and said that he aklso molested him when they were both young boys. Now my 4 year old has drawn a disturbing picture of her daddy nude. I have her in counseling and trying to get to the bottom of all of this. But in the meantime she still has to go with him every two weeks.
here is my concern, he is going to try for joint custody which i know won't work because we live so far away from one another and i can't stand the sight of him. I worry that he may actually succed. Can anyone give me any advice here. I am doing all i can, i have a good job, a stable home, and i have her in counseling . She attends a licensed state day care and is in a wonderful church youth group. She has many cousins and friends here. Is there any chance that he could take her from me, am i just being paranoid. I worry so much about her when she is with him.
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