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curved and upward penis

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when i was in middle school i noticed a round pimple like thing on my shaft and the pimple like thing was painful to touch, and it was hard to the touch. when i quezzed it (and it hurt when i did that) puss came out of it but the thing was still hard though. after many years it has mostly gone away but some is still there. now when i get an erection my penis has a slight curvature, and my penis goes upward when erect( is that normal?). In middle school i had my first physical and the doctor noticed it while examing my penis, but he said nothing, no questions. Im due for my annual physical, but not sure how to bring the concern up. what do think this is?
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replied January 1st, 2010
A lot of women like penis that has the curve because it is different.
you should be able to talk to your doctor about anything because they are the one's that seen it all.
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replied April 1st, 2012
curved penis
There is nothing wrong if penis is slightly curved. The curvature in your case is due to old pimple that has left a scar.
I took insulin shots on my foreskin for a decade the scars have made my penis curved slightly upwards. there is no problem in intercourse.
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