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Current ANA 1:640 - Previous ENA neg. Please weigh in!

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Female, late 30's. For the past three years I have had:

- fatigue (WORST SYMPTOM)
- intermittent body aches
- mood swings, depression
- migraines
- brain fog (difficulty concentrating)
- flu-like feelings often
- abdominal cramps
- sometimes energetic and able to do physically taxing activities, but often followed by a 'crash' of days in bed.

Two years ago my ANA was 1:160, ENA panel showed no positive antibodies for thyroid, anti-phospholipds, Anti-Sm, Anti-Ro, Anti ds-dna, etc.. Diagnosis: NOT autoimmune

Last year my ANA was 1:320, ENA panel was still negative. Diagnosis: NOT autoimmune

This year my ANA is now 1:640. My family doctor thinks it is autoimmune, but since two specialists have already said it isn't, he is reluctant to refer to a third.

I have read that it is unusual for a healthy person to have a high positive ANA, but how likely is it that someone who feels awful would have a high-positive?

Are there other conditions that would explain my symptoms and my positive ANA?

My most recent blood work shows no other out of normal range test results for thyroid, anemia, CBC, etc...

Thank you!
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First Helper newpatient21

replied February 3rd, 2011
This is tough!! I have Lupus and often feel you discribe. I had high ANA and low complement level. What's tricky about Lupus is that it is extremely tough to diagnose. They have developed an 11 criteria and determined that if you meet 4 of the 11, it is likely you have Lupus.
Not sure if this helps at, but maybe look into researching the 11 criteria for Lupus.
Wish I could help more, good luck!
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