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Cum on toilet seat cause pregnancy ?

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Hi I need some clarifications. Me and my boy friend do not have sexual intercourse. But we have oral sex and finger each other (When fingering me he does not insert his finger to my virginal just touches the area around). We make sure that he does not *** any where near me.
- The last time he cumed he washed his cum to the toilet. Then after about half an hour later i sat on the same toilet seat to pee. I can remember that my virginal opening didn't touch the seat . But still i m worried. Is there any chance of me getting pregnant if the cum on the toilet seat(assuming there was any) came in contact with my virginal?

-How long can sperms survive in water? Can pregnancy happens if sperms in toilet water splashed to my Virgina when i was peeing ?

-Although we don’t have actual sex is there any way I can be pregnant from pre *** ? Can pregnancy be caused just merely touching around the virginal area (if ***/pre *** was on the fingers) or the finger has to be actually inserted to the virginal?
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replied January 2nd, 2010
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You said about a half hour had gone by since he had ejaculated in the toilet, sperm cannot last that long
A pregnancy happens when two partners have intercourse, and sperm is released inside the woman.
It is rare that a pregnancy can happen without intercourse.
And I doubt that if you peed and water splashed up to your vagina that you would become pregnant..
You could become pregnant from precum if you two had sex which you didnt.
To get pregnant from precum or cum, you would have to either HAVE sexual intercourse, or if his fingers were inserted into you with his cum or precum on them.
Since neither occured, I am going to say NO you are not pregnant.

You might want to invest in birth control though, its never a bad thing to better protect yourself if you are going to have sex.
And considering that you two ARE experimenting with sexual activities, it might not be a bad thing to do so.
Or wait until you both are fully ready and understand how one becomes pregnant.

Hope this was helpful.
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replied January 5th, 2010
Thanks lot ProudMommyof2008 for your detailed answer . appreciate it lot
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