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Cum came out end of condom ?

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I'm freaking out. I lost my virginity about a year and a few months ago. i was sixteen then. i only had sex once after that again for a year. I got a serious boyfriend recently and we had sex once and we used a condom and everything went good. then this weekend we decided to again and he used a condom his friend gave him, it was trojan ecstasy and it was kind of big. I didnt think anything of it until after we had did it when we noticed some of the cum came out the end and went onto his shirt. i have been freeaking out all week, [we had sex sunday, its now friday] and i think my period comes at the beginning of each month. i cannot be pregnant because i dont wanna tear apart my family, i dont want to grow up yet, i want to enjoy my last two years of high school not have to worry about a baby. telling my parents would be hard too. My boyfriend and all my friends are 101 percent sure i'm not pregnant and that i'm worrying too much. i always worry about everything but some of my friends say its good and keeps my on my toes. but i'm freaking out i cant stop thinking about it. i cried after we realized the cum came out but my boyfriend said im ok and my one friend said they had sex up to five times and the boy blew it in her and that she never ended up pregnant and that atleast we used a condom and he didnt blow it in me but im scared some got on me. can anyone please help me.. i am freaking out. i dont even wanna take a test because i'm scared itll show positive and ill freak out and scream and cry and that wont end well. ='( i'm seriously thinking about having my boyfriend take me to get on the pill, or tell him i dont wanna have sex anymore, even though i know he really wants too. ='(
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replied November 23rd, 2009
Have you started your period yet?

Don't stress out about it. I've done that when i thought i was pregnant and it caused me not to have a period due to stress.
Its a 50 percent chance you are or 50 percent chance you arnt. Just wait till its time for your menstrual cycle to see if it comes. You should take a test anyway. Just because your friend didn't end up pregnant it doesnt mean the same for you.
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