hi i had cts on my right hand 28th had my stitches out 1 week later, then i hadcts on me left hand done on the 4th june ,stiches have been removed left hand feels fine , my right hand is in so much pain still after nearly 6 weeks i still have pain in my little finger and up the side of my hand running up to my thumb and in to my wrist and into my elbow, but to day i have been in agony with my shoulder aswell ,during surgery i had to have a top up of anesthetic as i had a shocking pain run up my arm i also began to feel the stiches going in as it was wearing off not nice , i still cant grip anything with this hand and still in a great deal of pain with it ,ive noticed my left hand that i had done 2 weeks ago is a lot better no pain at all has any body else suffered like this .
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replied June 14th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Glad that your left hand is doing well.

On your right hand, it looks like you have something going on besides just the carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve does not innervate the small finger. That is supplied by the ulnar nerve.

Sounds like you need to sit down with your hand surgeon and find out why your small finger is still having symptoms. Do you have an ulnar neuropathy also? Do you have a thoracic outlet syndrome, which would get you the nerve symptoms and possibly the elbow/shoulder problems? Maybe you have something in the brachial plexus or even the spine. But, it's pretty evident that you have more going on than just the run of the mill carpal tunnel syndrome.

Good luck. Keep us informed as to what the surgeon decides to do and what he/she finds out is wrong.
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replied June 17th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
CTS is like Global Warming, for every Dr. that sells it, there are others that poo poo it
looks like u got some of both
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replied June 19th, 2011
hi again went doctors thursday they have refeered me bck to the surgen as she thinks i could have nerve damage she also mentioned he mite want to do a exploratary surgery some thing tto do with the ulnary nerve, im bck with the surgen on thursday will keep you posted
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