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CT Thorax & Abdo & pelvis with contrast

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Hi all new here. In 2008 i had a kidney transplant and its been fine and working well apart from weight loss. Ive been loosing weight for the past year and the other week when last visited the hospital the doc said we will have to look into it now as its droped too far. My weight now on average is 44.8KG and when the doc said we will have to look into it i was 44.4KG. im 31 and 5foot 3". Hi the other week i had a heart scan to see why im loosing weight and that turnd out nothing and everything was fine. Ive just recieved another letter to go in for CT Thorax & Abdo & pelvis with contrast. Ive looked at the pelvis with contrast. on the letter it says you either have a injection into the veins or drink 1leter of liquid Ive had a ct scan done be for but not the others any one no what there like?. Also ive searched on the internet and it says in some cases the contrast might be done by enema which doesnt sound all that entertaining Just wondering what to expect.

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replied August 22nd, 2011
Also just wondering if any one else has had weight loss after transplant?
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