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CT Cervical Spine with Contrast Myelgoraphy

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In October, ’09, I had a C5-C6 fusion which appears to be incorporating well. However, I am in the same level of pain - down my right arm into my right thumb, weakness, tingling, etc. Feeling that my Doctor and his PA are not taking my pain level seriously - suggesting physical therapy, etc. which is fine, but I want to know what the results mean. My Dr. can’t fit me in for three weeks to go over the results, but luckily my general physician sent me the results so at least I have them. This neurosurgeon is making me feel like the pain is all in my head… do the results below substantiate my pain?

The results of the CT and Myelgoraphy state:
The examination of C3-4 shows facet arthopathy particularly on the left causing mild foraminal encroachment on the left at C3-4.

The examination of the C4-5 shows uninate spurring left greater than right causing mild foraminal encroachment left greater than right without central canal compromise.

The examination of the C5-6 shows an excellent anterior instrumented fusion which appears to be incorporating well. The examination of the C6-7 shows narrowing of the disc space with a disc-osteophyte complex eccentric to the right. The central canal appears adequate.

The examination of C6-7 shows narrowing of the disc space with a small disc-osteophyte complex and mild to moderate foraminal encroachment secondary to uncinate spurring and a disc-osteophyte complex eccentric to the right.

1. Excellent appearing fusion at C5-6 which appears to be incorporating well
2. Narrowing of the disc space with a small disc-ostephyte complex eccentric to the right at C6-7 with associated uncinate spurring causing mild foraminal encroachment without central canal compromise
3. Uncinate spurring eccentric to the left at C4-5
4. Facet arthropathy on the left at C3-4
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replied February 19th, 2010
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the thumb discomfort is usually related to nerve compression at C6. only a surgeon can tell you if this is being caused by the fused area or the C6/C7 level. it can take a long time for the nerves to heal so you need to be patient and continue with the physical therapy. after a year or so you can reevaluate the situation and if you arent happy with your surgeon you can get a second opinion.....pete
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