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crying during sex

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i've been with my bf for 8 months now and we've had sex for the 2nd time ,this last time tho i felt like i wanted to cry. it didnt hurt or anything but the feeling just came over me to cry, i felt kinda emarrassed it was so weird. is this normal? and what does it mean?
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replied July 9th, 2009
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Could be simply a hormonal response to the sex. My wife has done it.. not often.. but nothing was wrong.. Next time, no tears. Simply hormonal.
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replied January 30th, 2010
Crying with an orgasm.
Crying with an orgasm is more common than most of us know.
Crying during or 'after' an orgasm is absolutely NORMAL.
More over it is a BEAUTIFUL thing.
Crying itself is normal!
We don't have to be afraid of it.
We human beings cry when have a really good hard sustained laugh with another person.
It doesn't have to be negative at all.
We humans cry when we are extremely proud of someone else or ourselves.
It doesn't need a 'medical' explanation.
We humans cry at weddings as we witness the bonding of two other people.
It is not something to be embarrassed of.
We cry at movies or with a good book.
It is not 'pathological'!
We also cry when we experience physical pain.
It is an normal emotional release in response to a situation we happen to be in.
We most often cry when we experience a deep loss.
Some people (in particular. women) are emotionally deeper than others.
Or some of us are more in touch with our emotions.
Crying with an orgasm is indicative of a deeper emotional response rather than ONLY the physical 'orgasm' we are more familiar with.
Don't worry, be happy.
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