I'm 16 weeks pregnant and keep crying. A few weeks ago my husband informed me that the baby i was carrying was standing in the way of his leaving me. This was the baby we spent months talking about having and then months trying to conceive. He said he routinly evaluates his life choices and is unhappy. I am one of those disapointments. He said it usually lasts a week or two but this time it's been 2-3 months.

He said he wishes he could ask me to get rid of our baby. We already have a daughter.

I keep crying and feeling awful. A few days ago he said he was getting better about the baby and "i don't dislike you" about me. But yesterday i visited him at work and he accussed me of trying to "look pregnant" so his co-workers would know i was pregnant. I had not realized he was so ashamed of me in my pregnant state.

I can't figure out how to get him to see what this is doing to me.
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replied April 5th, 2013
Holy! Wow thats alot to take in, why in the world would he be trying to conceive and then treat you like that! Everything that your going through has a huge impact on the kid, he needs to either man the heck up and be supportive or learn to not say anything when theres nothing nice to say. Im really sorry your having to go through that and I really hope you can find some support here!
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