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Crying during orgasm??

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I am a 49 year old male with what I believe to be a very unique & mind blowing condition.
Short back ground, Have been sexually active since an early age (13) with the opposite sex. Although I have not had a very large number of lovers/partners ( approx 12-14 ) I have always been very sexually active either with a partner or with my self and have had many orgasms ranging from mild erotic to mind blowing !!

Fast forward 10`s of thousands of orgasms to now, I have recently begun a new relationship with some one I have known for 20 yrs plus ,we were friends ,I was invited to her wedding, I've done numerous construction related jobs in her home & recently we connected in a way far greater than I/we have ever experienced . Without going into detail of how truly connected we seem to be ,we have sexual relations for approx 3 months , during which time I have been hesitant to cum inside of her due to her concerns of pregnancy (although I had a V 13 years ago ) and my respect for her concerns (FYI we have both had a battery of clear std tests )

Two weeks ago we were making love , she had a few orgasms & I was ready to have mine when she said I want you to cum inside of me ! we talked about it & I was pleased not to have to pull out so I could feel the complete nonstop fulfillment of the orgasm .As I am starting to climax ,a new feeling started to approach ,something I have never experienced before ? I started to feel the surge of something new starting at the center of my body & flooding my body with new sensations I've never experienced ,the orgasm started ,then those sensations were held in suspension as if It was on pause, but I could still feel everything, then as I continue to progress in the orgasm the sensations grow & grow & grow to something I can not describe in words ! Then as I am about to release my cum the feeling grows to such a height but still not released then it starts to happen!!!!! I feel it building up in my sinuses then in my throat then in my eyes as well as my whole body,mind & soul & I`m not sure whats happening as I start to feel uncontrollable ,cant hold it back ,downright flood of tears & crying as though I have seen the birth of my first child or I have just seen the face of God!!!!!

This happened 2 weeks ago & then yesterday but yesterdays was far more intense that two weeks ago! Please know that this has only happened the two times I have cumed inside her . All other times were more powerful than any orgasm in the past, be it through oral sex or vaginal sex with pull out, then masturbation.
I am to say the least blown away by this1

Any input would be great! I am feeling as though I should call Opra or Dr Phill & tell them .
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First Helper MalloryMae

replied December 24th, 2012
surprised to see no one responded to this. But i hope you have overcome the problem by now. This seems like a dry orgasam to me where the semen does not come out of the penis but gets ejaculated inside somehow,you definitely need a doctor. go visit one if you still have the problem.,
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replied June 10th, 2013
I'm a female, but I have had this type of orgasm, more than once. Very spiritual experience actually, you know what I mean. You described it well. I was curious to know if any men have ever had this, now I know! Thank you! And, regarding the only other response I see, this is not a problem to overcome, it's an experience to be envied. It's a rare connection with your partner. Most people can only dream to have this. It's so mystifying because your body seems to know something you can't even register consciously.
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replied January 22nd, 2014
Have you heard of twin flames?
I know exactly what you are experiencing. Seems like a dream come true to find someone that you have such a connection with. Have you ever heard of twin flames? This sounds just like it.
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replied March 9th, 2014
Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been there with partner...but not fully...but somehow my soul knows the full experience (not that there any limit), and even just thinking about a certain person when I'm lying in bed alone takes me to that place (orgasm) sometime. We are separated by ocean and hopefully not for long. I already know that is my exact experience being with him I can literally feel that orgasm (only less intense...hard to explain) at times, not even touching myself, and I see the tears in my mind and everything, exactly like you say. I know this is my experience. I just wanted to know if men can feel this too. Thank you SO much for sharing. That's really amazing.
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replied May 5th, 2014
Hormonal Imbalance
'Soul Experiences' and 'Twin Flames' aside, this sounds like a classic case of Hormonal change. I am female, and I've only experienced this feeling you describe a few days before my menstrual cycle. At that time, my hormones are at their most volatile.

Considering your age, I think you may be going through a series of Hormonal changes. I don't think this "change" is anything to worry about, and will most likely level itself out with time. But if you consistently feel uncomfortable with it, then see your doctor.
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