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Crying after masturbation

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is it normal to cry after i masterbate? i dont cry after sex!!!! but most the time after i get done masterbating i will cry and i cant control it? i just want to know why???????
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replied August 17th, 2010
crying durring or after sex or masturbation
there are two theories with no supporting evidence behind either one so its imposable for me at this point to medicaly answer this concern. crying during or after sex or masturbation is widely experienced and even referenced in a few major films, however the cause of it is completely unstudied. One theory states that it is caused by hormones being releaced, estrogen in high doses can cause depression, testosterone can also cause a sense of being emotionaly overwhelmed which the body can manualy shut down by crying. the other theory is that crying signifies stress in connection to openness with a partner (or self),suggesting that there is an underlying problem with the relationship causing a lack of trust or understanding.
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replied September 22nd, 2013
I experience the same thing too. It only happens when i do this myself. I always found it weird. And i always have a very overwhelming sense of sadness after. Makes me not want to do it anymore.
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