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Cronic Sinisitus and Nasal Polyps

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Hi all , just wondering if i can have a bit of advice please. I have been suffering with cronic sinisitus for 3 months , i have been given 6 antibiotics , steriod tablets , 2 nasel sprays and nasel drops and nothing worked. Symptoms i had been getting was , very blocked nose , pain across the cheeks , headaches , head pressure , ear aches with ear pressue , tooth ache. my nose was literally like a tap (tmi sorry) and still is. I got reffered to the hospital , and ended up having a camera up both of my noses and was told i have nasal polyps. I was put on yet more nasal drops for a month and after the months dose is up i have to go back to the doctor which he will give me a spray . i have to go to the hospital again december 2011 for a check up.

Has anyone been in this situation? and have you got down to the cause why ? and is there anything out there what helps?

I have tryed steaming with olbas oil in a facial steamer , that gives me relive for a few seconds then im blocked again,

any advice will be greatly taken xx
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replied August 4th, 2011
Hi..I have had the same problem for 30 years and after 5 surgeries and lots of medications, the problem was not resolved until recently. My nose doctor who I hadn't seen for a year or so told me about a simple solution discovered 2 years ago by an allergist.....get a prescription for Budesonide (normally used for asthmatics in a breathing device) and once a day pour one vial of this into a nasal wash bottle with lukewarm water and a sinus wash saline packet (the packets and bottle can be purchased at Walgreens) and irrigate your sinuses. This solution will shrink and eliminate polyps and nasal inflammation and your sense of smell and taste will return if it disappeared during your problems. Find an allergist or nose doctor willing to write a prescription for the has no side affects, does not affect the rest of your body and there are no withdrawl symptoms if you decide to stop at any point.
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