Has anyone here tried homeopathy as an alternative to treat Crohn's disease.
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replied December 10th, 2008
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I do not have Crohn's disease, but I came across this website that looks like it might be helpful to you. I hope it is!!

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replied December 26th, 2008
crohn's holistic
We have been getting negative and likewise positive responses about giving homeopathy a go. We decided not to go through the surgery and see Dr. Namaya in his beautiful clinic in Vermont where we stayed for two days. I’m too are not fond of doctors but seeing the amount of care and attention he has given to my son is enough to make us go and see him again. He was very thorough and asked about everything that might lead to this disease, and he made us understand what exactly is crohn’s disease and what it can do both to the patient and his/her loved ones.
It was a learning and humbling experience for me. Dr. Namaya prepared a diet and supplement plan for my son that are easy to follow and effective and my son did not have a flare up since we started him on the supplements Dr. Namaya prescribed. He told us that we would see results within one-two months. We are going to hold a telephone visit with him this week for him to check on the progress of my son. My son is coping now, thanks to Dr. Namaya of Crohn’s and IBS Wholistic Medical Care.
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replied January 16th, 2009
I have 40 years experience dealing with this issue. Let me know if you're interested in further alternative medicine.
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replied March 15th, 2010
Crohn's and alternative medicine and treatment
Greetings Everyone,
My name is Brian.

My story is a very long one. Too long to post in this forum. However, here is the short version. I hope it helps.

I have been dealing with Crohn's Disease for over 30 years. The pain and discomfort caused by this hideous disease destroyed my life.

I have gone through two bowel resections and numerous emergency room and hospital visits over the years.

During the first twenty years of this disease, Prednisone and Sulfasalazine were the main treatment. Later Antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin or Metronidazole), Corticosteroids, 6-Mercaptopurine (6-MP), Methotrexate, and Cyclosporine when I ended up in emergency rooms. Which happened more than I can remember. None of these worked as the Prednisone did. I eventually started receiving Remicade treatments that helped with the fistulas for a while. This was temporary and I had to go back every 6 weeks.

In 2007, the disease flared-up and consumed me. I was found in bed un-responsive and rush to the hospital in an ambulance. I spent three days on life support and stayed in the hospital for approximately 35 days. During this time, they were not able to get control of the disease and I experienced my second bowel resection. I never recovered.

After the surgery, I got worse. The pain returned, the fistulas got worse, and I developed a new symptom of rashes all over my skin. The pain stayed at a level 10 and was now 24 hours. I slept in 30 minute increments because my bowel frequency was unparalleled to anything I had experience in all the years of harboring this disease.

I literally was preparing for my death. I sent all my possessions to my children and arranged for my body to be taken care of. I at this time lost all hope and wanted nothing more than to die.

In May of 2009, my roommate approached me and told me she met someone whose grandchild had Crohn's disease. He had come across this liquid that he felt could help me. I responded that I did not want help and really, as if I need another miracle in my life as I rolled my proverbial eyes.

Through the years, I had tried everything. I made my own food. I ate different diets. I tried everything from Probiotic products to vitamins to miracle cures. At every corner through the years was the ultimate miracle that resulted in yet another disappointment.

With her insistence, I went to see this individual and when I walked into his office I felt there was no way I wanted anything to do with this. To my disappointment, there was a voice deep down pushing me forward. I accepted the plastic gallon jug he handed me and carried it home. He instructed me to drink 2 ounces a day 3 times a day. The taste was unbelievably horrid at first.

My attitude was that I had nothing to lose. Therefore, I drank this stuff three times a day. On the third day, the pain disappeared and I was able to sleep through most of the night. The frequency went down and I was able to sleep through the night within a week of starting the formula.

Today I am not totally symptom free and there are some resemblances of the disease present at times. However, I lost my ileum in the first bowel resection and bile can be an issue if I do not watch my diet.

For the most part, I live a productive, happy symptom free life. In my heart, I know the disease is gone. I feel that after 30 plus years of pain and everything else that comes with Crohn's disease there is a body and cellular memory. As each day goes by, I laugh more than the day before.

There is hope for people out there. I encourage you to start reading more on alkalinity and disease. There are several great sites talking about this and it works. The one thing I found common in all diseases is that they thrive in an acid environment. This liquid I drank raised my pH from a 5.0 (which is as bad as it gets) to a 6.25 in three days and the Crohns started dissipating.

The following site talks about acidity and alkaline in the body. This is not the person mentioned or the water I drank. It is a website I found while educating myself on this topic.

I read many things on this topic after meeting this person because I did not want to go into it blind. I am a Software Engineer by education and have worked for IBM and Dell over the past 25 years. I am one of those people who does research to ad nauseum.

I encourage each of you no matter your issues to look into this.

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replied April 6th, 2012

Your story is amazing! Can I ask what the liquid was that you drank to get better or who the doctor was? My husband (age 2Cool is suffering from Chrones and we are looking for an alternative way to treat it. After using steroids many times, his doctor wants him to start Remicade, an immune suppressent. We are tired of treating the symptoms and not the underlying problem! Please help.

Thank you!
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replied April 11th, 2010
hi there,

i was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 12 years ago. I was on all different medicenes until I stopped responding to the last one (Remicade) at the time I was 22 yrs old and the doctor told me they would have to give me a colostomy bag when the medicene stopped working. I moved to Colorado and was introduced to Medical Marijuana. and other great health alternatives. I have been nearly symptom free and have not been on any presription drugs in over 2 years and I am also pregnant!

The types of regular therapies I use are.. Yoga, Acupuncture, Sauna, Hot baths/soaking, massage, staying active when well, a diet with lots of fresh fruits/veggies and fish/rish, use of essential oils, garlic as a natural antibiotic, herbal teas, lots of water, maintaining a good support system with friends/family, meditating, gardening.

hope this helps!
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replied December 21st, 2011
I was diagnosed at age 18 with Crohn's. Was given all kinds of steroids and meds at first. Mostly no change.

Then I tried acupuncture, homeopathy (micro-dose supplements), and kinestheology (whole body kinetics). In my experience, these all have a very nice approach to the body that brings relaxation, calms nerves, even reduces very local muscle tension. Similar to hot baths. However, I felt that none really addressed or eliminated the underlying cause.

I found that diet was the one major change that worked. Makes sense too, since diet focuses on the bowel, where Crohn's is located (unlike generic meds or treatments). Here I agree /w dakotamoon. Fresh fruits, veggies, natural antibiotics, tea, and positive lifestyle. I find diet was really essential to treat Crohn's, but the other alternative therapies not so much for me.
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replied May 20th, 2014
Homeopathy help
I have been on prednisone for 9 years and it is taking a toll on my health, sleep, and relationships. I am very interested in alternative medicine and would appreciate any advice you can give.
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