I dont have Crohns disease myself but my mom has it and although I cant feel the physical pain of this disease I suffer from the same depression my mom does. It hurts me so much to see her when shes sick, she always has flare ups and every medication she has tried she has had a really bad reaction. Im getting older and moving out soon and I am so afraid to leave my mom, I know she is a strongwilled person who is always fighting and keeping her head up, but I just want her to be better and happy and I am so frustrated with this whole disease! I am fearful that in the future she wont be in good enough shape to make it to my wedding, she couldnt even stay for my whole graduation ceremony and it breaks my heart because i know it breaks hers. I know this isnt a question or anything I just needed to post my thoughts on the disease and maybe let others know that Crohns affects loved ones as well, which im sure you all know. I can only pray that one day there is a CURE for this horrible horrible sickness. I say we need to bring more awareness into the world about Crohns. I look up to all of you living their lives while struggling with this disease, stay positive and like my mom says keep your head up!
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replied October 27th, 2008
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I am sorry to hear your mom is suffering so much. Most people with Crohn's seem to be able to find a medication that works and at least lets them have some remission periods. Does she see a specialist? Here is a great website from the National Library of Medicine that may be of interest to you: Crohn's
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replied November 9th, 2008
I have one question... does her pain relate to the disease directly or is it joint pains? I found the right medication, but now i get joint pains in my knees, and sometimes other places. I hope your mom gets better. Wink and don't be hard on yourself, your mom will fight through crohn's.
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replied July 17th, 2009
Compassion for the ill
Thank you for expressing your heart-felt concerns for your Mom's illness. I too suffer from Crohn's and have a teenage son who has suffered secondary grief because of my illness.
My Mom had a horrible disease called Scleroderma which eventually caused her death, so I can relate to what you are talking about from both perspectives.
My advice to you is; live your life to the fullest while being the kind, compassionate person that you are. People in need of compassion -- just need to know that others are there for them to listen, and hold their hand (and sometimes wipe their forehead with a cool cloth...after vomiting) : )
I am sure that your mother is extremely proud of you and wants you to be happy and fulfilled.
Peace & Blessings.
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replied October 19th, 2009
Hello. This is my first time that i write in one forum.
I read about your mom with very attention and i tell that the family is the one of the big things that we have in this life.thank you for express your fellings.
I have crohn disease, too.
My problem every day is the meals and my social life, because when i eat i need to go to the bathrom. This fact is bad for my work and my friends...i feel that i don´t have conditions for stay health for begin a relashionship, for example and this is concernes me.. And because of my body needs i don´t have so much time and i dont feel 100% security in my work and essencial in my social life.
Every day i my intestine swells and i have pain. I don´t know that if i tell to the person that i like is one reason for she leaves me, and i have a little doubts if i have conditions to begin a relashion with her. What i want to say is that many times i need to cut the environment and the situations because my desease...and i dont know if the people understand that..
I liked to listen the persons about my situation, because the persons that stay away have more reason, and have more perception about reality than i.
Peace and Hapiness
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