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Crohn's and Dizziness

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so i have crohn's disease. i was diagnosed when i was 17, i am 21 now. i had surgery because of a bad ruptured abscess. they had to drain it and take out a part of my bowel, about a 2 feet.

ive never been right since when it comes to digestion.

and another problem started to poke its head out near the end of my freshman year, so 2 years after my surgery.

i notice a low lying dizziness that would be constant throughout the day. i could not focus on a single point anymore, my eyes would just divert, and i would refocus, and they would divert. it was very subtle at first and then it grew. now its been three years and it is way worse.

i have noticed that the dizziness is much worse when i am hungry. other than that nothing has any affect on it. it doesnt afect my hand eye coordination or balance AT ALL. its very weird.

ive been through the dizziness clinic in chicago, and they found nothing. i had an mri and all sorts of wacky tests done, but i keep coming up with absolutely nothing.

what could this dizziness be ??????

could it be a blood sugar disorder on top of my crohns .... thats what im thinking.

please contact me with ANY ideas of what this could be.

thank you

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First Helper KRao

replied December 1st, 2009
Hi Leo,

I have ulcerative colitis since 1998, and I currently take no medication to treat it. The colitis is still active but with minor flare ups compared to other people's experiences. Main thing- AVOID STRESS!!

I too have this dizzy thing you talk about, but it is not so much being dizzy as more just feeling spaced out at times, like you are on a different planet that anyone else. I have noticed that when I eat sugar a few hours after a meal that the dizziness subsides and I feel better. Therefore I believe that you might be hypoglycemic like me. Check out here online to see just what that is if you don't already now. The main cure is just to consume enough sugar to lift you out of the fog, but not too much that you become diabetic. Walmart sells glucose tablets in their pharmacy section by the blood sugar machines...

best regards...
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replied January 21st, 2010
God bless you both for posting your comments for others to read. I am in the begining stages of this whole mess and let me tell you, it is frightening!!

I had my appendix removed last week, the path lab results on my appendix returned as an acute appendicitis (also referred to as a re-occurant appendicitis-forgive my spelling) While my doctor was performing the surgery he noticed that my intestines appeareared to be abnormal, he suspects crohns disease. I have more tests scheduled in the very near future to see if I will be diagnosed with more than just an appedecitis. In the mean time I have scheduled an appointment with a Nurologist because I too have been feeling dizzy/dazed for the past few months. It's scary because I don't know if there is a tumor or something else causing this dazed feeling. I feel like I too am in another dimension most times, a little spacey but my cordination is still on par. Its the wierdest feeling.

Coincidentally, I am hypoglycimic also. Most times I keep some fresh fruit around and it overcomes the fight or flight syndrome I get when my sugar drops. Now, I'm reading fresh fruit is a no-no with Crohns. I have noticed that my dazed feeling comes around once I start feeling hungry, but it does not dissapear after I control my sugar., it just kind of stays with me through the day. I have been feeling this way for about 3 months now, and the dizziness/dazed feeling started once i began feeling my appendicitis symptoms. I dont know if they are related or not but I hope it dissapears soon.

I am sooo greatful that I came across this website. I am very releived because it gives me hope reading others have the same expieriences and have tested negative for any major nuroligical issues. Thank you again for sharing your expieriences.

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replied April 15th, 2010
I''ve been diagnosed with crohns for about 4 years now. Initially when the symptoms began it was severe pain on my lower abdominal area. I was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis only for them to realize that my appendix was fine. Then they diagnosed me with a uterine cyst. After digging through many sites, I came across Crohns and asked my family doctor to refer me to a GI...finally a diagnosis! In the beginning when my hemoglobin counts were really low I had severe dizziness, fatigue, etc. My GI said if it lowers any more, I''ll need a blood transfusion. After 4 yrs, I''m noticing that the dizziness has returned. I suspect my hemoglobin count has dropped severely again...hopefully I won''t require a transfusion though. Hang in there folks! Sadly there are a lot of us out there going through similar experiences. The only thing that brings us a little bit of comfort is to know that we''re not alone or crazy!!

All the best,
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replied May 11th, 2011
Crohns and dizziness
Hi. I've had crohns disease for two years now and am 22. For the last three months I have had a constant dizziness and general spaced out feeling which has at times caused me to even feel like I am not me and my limbs aren't working properly!! It's really hard ti describe but it almost feels like I'm really drunk. It seems to be worse in the evenings. Up til now my crohns has been ok, only a few minor flare ups and managing fairly well. So when this dizziness first started I assumed it must be something else. I have had tests for diabetes etc and they were fine and have had antibiotics cos doctors suspected it might be a middle ear infection. Now I'm reading this and thinking it might be a symptom of my crohns or other problems brought on by it. How did the rest of you get ti the bottom of your dizziness and has it improved?
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replied June 18th, 2011
When I have dizziness, it comes from low B/P, which results from the chronic dehydration from diarrhea. Some years back, I also may have had it while taking SSRI's -for sure the SSRI's were causing eye pain in the sunlight.
As long as I ingest plenty of fats and protein, (slow-release foods), I have no need of quick-fix sugars. The sugars, and artificial sugars, cause my gut bacteria to go wild,and I'm bloated and in terrible pain.
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replied September 6th, 2011
Those who have Crohn's and feel fatigue, dizzy please check Vitamin D deficiancy. Also check Thyroid levels.
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replied September 8th, 2011
dizzyness from pernicious anemia
As you have had resection of some of your gut,you may have pernicious anemia. The ileum portionis where B 12 is absorbed, and an "intrinsic" factor is also required, in addition to intake of the B 12 itself.You may benefit from monthly B 12 injections.
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