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August 27th, 2014
Quiting Crestor 5mg - too many side effects.
The only reason I am posting is because I started doing some searching online two days ago. I have been taking 5mg Crestor for about 5 weeks now. For the last week, I have been feeling very strange. I feel like I have the flu intermittently throughout the day. I have weakness and pain in my joints and feel achy like the flu. I cannot focus and feel dizzy off and on. I get warm like hot flashes. I have also been feeling unusually anxious. I stopped taking the medication yesterday. I called my doctor yesterday afternoon and asked the medical attendant to speak with my doctor. I provided the assistant with my reason after she asked why. She told me "oh yeah, a lot of people have been complaining about that (crestor side effects)." After telling my doctor, he asked how I knew for sure that it's the medication and not something more serious. He wants to draw blood and potentially do a CT scan first. I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis about two months ago after having a abdominal CT. All my abdominal organs came back as normal with no masses just two months ago. I had a colonoscopy just to be safe and I didn't even have any polyps. Is this guy crazy? He is a complete Pharmaceutical Sell-Out. Anyway, I'm regaining control over my body. I still think he has me on too high dosage of Micardis because my blood pressure readings have been something like 84/59. I'm a 36 y.o. 265 lb male with borderline high cholesterol and no diabetes. I think I really need to just check my diet and become more active. Anyway...just thought I'd share.
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replied July 7th, 2016
I had a calcium scan at age 42 and was told my calcium score was 27 therefore I needed to be placed immediately on crestor 10mg. Since then the stomach pain is horrible, bloating, cramping. My stomach literally feels so bloated people have noticed. I have had muscle stiffness all over but had been doing so much yard work I just dismissed it to that. Now I can't even bend over to put my shoes on, and until I read this post I never attributed that to the Crestor. I am frightened not to take it because of fear of a heart attack since I was told I had plaque in my LAD since my calcium score was elevated.
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replied May 18th, 2018
Statins should be taken with caution, a prolonged priomy atrophy of the muscles. I have a personal experience, switched to Phytostatin and diet, of course, it's planned to take a blood test for cholesterol and a specialist's consultation.
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replied June 17th, 2018
it is better to treat a disease like cholesterol with natural remedies as the medicines/drugs do have some or the other side effects.
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