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Creatine to build muscle ?

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Ok so im an 18 year old guy about 6ft ish, and weigh 64kg's.

I play alot of sport, football(soccer) mainly, could do with bulking up a bit. Im not talking body building big. Just a bit of muscle tone etc. Mainly looking to improve Abs, pecs, bi's and tri's.

My first question is whether creatine capsules are a good idea to aid this process? Do they have any negative effect?

Also i dont really have a huge amount of time on my hands at the moment. So most of my working out comes from weights i have in the house. I am using dumbells which can only be made as heavy as 7kg's. I dont seem to be building huge amounts of muscle. I am doing a workout every night. Would creatine improve this situation, or do i need heavier weights as well.

Thanks for any help! Razz
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replied January 9th, 2010
Wow, over 300 views and not 1 response....
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replied February 17th, 2010
You don't need creatine. You can your desired effects from just straight working out and eating protein afterwards. There are a lot of body-weight lifts that will definitely tone your body. It's said that body weight lifts work better than weightlifting to get stronger, which is what a lot of parkour/free runners, gymnasts do.

And if you REALLY want to stick with creatine, then DO NOT take it in the capsul form. That is the least beneficial and most money chugging medium of creatine.
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