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Creatine level and protein in urine

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I just returned from my annual physical and have some concerns about my results. I'm a 43 year old male seemingly in good health.

My lab results showed protein in my urine (1+). My doctor told me the dipstick tests they use can be very inaccurate and didn't seem to be too concerned. He did ask me to provide a urinary sample over a 24 hour period and return it for more in depth analysis.

I wasn't too worried about the results until I got back and noticed my eGFR number was also low on the test (59). My other results were in normal ranges BUN 17.9, Createnine 1.4, Albinium 4.7, Potassium 4.5. Blood sugar etc is normal.

I've been pretty regular with my annual physicals and checked last years results ---- Creatinine was 1.3 a year ago and there was a trace of protein in my urine by the Dr. did not order a follow up at that time.

I started reading about eGFR and am now becoming more concerned there may be an issue given the eGFR results. Is there a direct link between the protein and eGFR......

How concerned should I be??
Any practical experience or knowledge here would be greatly appreciated!
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First Helper CT529

replied May 5th, 2010
Hello dear! First off, I know GFR. I was born with 1 kidney, but found out almost 2 years ago at almost 19 years of age.
The GFR test is, according to my nephrologist, a kidney function test. There is a link between Portein and the GFR, but especially sodium (salt). My doctor told me (my GFR is 75) to consume no more than 2.5 ounces of protein a day and to avoid salt/sodium because salt is POISON to kidney(s).
I wouldn't be worried about your GFR unless you hit 30, 15 is when you start dialysis OR if your doctor seems concerned. It's a good idea to get a yearly GFR test as it can save your life. When I found out I had 1 kidney, my newly discovered nephrologist told me my GFR was 86 and gave me a diet, which I ignored and am now at 75 GFR. Avoid salt, watch protein and you'll be fine.
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