Hi - I just turned 40 years old and told myself that when I did turn 40 I would get serious about taking care of myself. I'm 5'8" weigh 220 moderately exercise and have high blood pressure. I have had panic disorder since I was a kid and the majority of my "panic" has to due with health and going to the doctor. I recently decided ok suck it up and go to the doctor to get a physical - I was soooooo worked up for days prior and when they went to do my bp it was like 180/110 CRAZY I know - the doctor tried not to look panicked (or maybe that was how I was taking it) gave me a Diovan 120mg right than and there and put me on it and a check up to follow 10 days later - well now it's been 5 weeks because I'm a nervous loon (i go see her on Thursday) and cancelled the appt - been checking my bp at home and the lowest I've seen it go is only 145/72 and a relaxed state. But remember every time I even "think" about taking my BP I can work myself up in minutes of just walking to the "CUFF". I have been having a wee bit of dizzy spells (just one other time had this when I was in my 20's and never diagnosed for it) when I lay my head down or stand to quickly i get a surge or WHOOOSSHHHH - my left ear has been hurting off and on for about a week so I'm hoping it's just something like that. I take 1 tablet in the a.m. and was given Bistolic to take at night (I haven't taken that one because I was scared of the side effects. I've been taking ZUMBA classes (doctor said it's ok and trying to lose weight to no avail - HELP with any kind words you might have
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replied April 4th, 2011
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