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I keep on getting these crawling sensations on my skin which I find very stressful and it can sometimes feel like bugs crawling on my skin. I also get these thoughts of someone watching me and following me when I go anywhere.

I have seen my consultant psychiatrist who thinks it is all down to ocd and general anxiety disorder which is what I have been diagnosed with. I do admit I do have this fear of getting schizophrenia and do know all the symptoms like the back of my hand as I have read a lot about it and also read peoples experiences with the illness which really frightens me.

However even though I have been told several times by my consultant that I have not got schizophrenia, every time I get these feelings I convince myself I am in the early stages of schizophrenia and worry myself that it will only get worse and will end up being ill the rest of my life and even end up in hospital. I also fear that no one will recognise I will have it as they will always think it is down to my ocd & gad disorder

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