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Crawling feeling in left eye

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Hi,I am 52 years old female. I felt like something is crawling in my left all night ,no pain though ,but still couldn't sleep at all. I washed with eye drops but didn't help. I thought about going to ER because I watched one show about parasite in eye on television.I know I will go to see a doctor,but it is Saturday and have to see my family dr then specialist,I don't know how long it will take and I have to suffer from this . I need info please. Thank you
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replied September 7th, 2012
crawlying in my eye
i am having the same symptoms in my right eye for 3 days now. it started in my ear, went to my sinus cavity and then now in my eye. keeps moving all day. thought at first, nerves, then thought a spider crawled in my ear and now wont leave. i also saw the parasite clips and thinking about going to see the ER . things happen after surgeries im told. let me kow what you have done.
good luck
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