I recently lost my virginity to my bf unprotected, he said he would pull out and its the same. He did pull out well before he cummed. I now have cramps that come on n off for a month now, I took a test that was negative 4 or 5 weeks after we had sex, he has an 8+ inch penis. Why am I cramping? Also I haven't even had my first period yet.
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replied July 23rd, 2010
It dosen't matter how long a male's penis is. It doesn't increase or decrease the risk of pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests are almost always affective because they detect the pregnancy hormone in your urine. So, if the test was negative chances are you're not pregnant.

Cramping can be caused by several reasons including, body preparing for menstration, stress, certain STDs, early signs of pregnancy, etc.

If you haven't had your first period yet, it is still possible to become pregnant. If you are really worried about being pregnant, make an appointment to get a pelvic exam. Doctors will be able to tell right away.

Also, stress can delay your period.
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