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Cramps in legs and hands

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I'm new here but saw a post that sounded like my problem but couldn't read the Dr's answer. For some time I've had severe cramps in my legs and feet that contort my feet as well as hands.The pain is so bad it leaves my legs hurting for days and of course I'm up several times a night. Now it's started in my arms as well.
I have Hep. C, Cirrhosis, COPD, and had a TIA a few months ago where thay found I also had had a minor heart attack proeviously. I don't know if all this info helps but my primary care doc doesn't seem concerned. By the way, my cholesterol is always low- in the mid 170's.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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First Helper vicysn

replied March 20th, 2010
cramp fingers and cramp legs
It started about 40 days ago, in the begining she felt 'coldness' in both her hands and legs and lately it is getting worse ... every morning when she woke up, her fingers on both hand were claw up ( harden ) and her legs were 'frozen/harden', it need someone to straighten her fingers and her legs before she can get out of bed. Now it even affect her movement. She is not a diabetes.

thank you
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replied November 11th, 2010
I can relate to these ladies. I have cirrhosis' and I'm a diabetic. I
am always cold and just routine grabbing and walking brings on the spasms. My legs and feet get cramps up to my inner thighs. My hands, wrists, arms and upper arms cramp and twist in a un-natural way. I have to pry them back to normal. It's so painful I can't do anything. My cramps pr spasms hurt for days afterward.

Wrist's cramp up and harden and pop out. I have had no strokes, or hear attacks. This is very debilitating.
I cannot grab things and barely walk the cramps from feet and legs. Several times my whole body spasm's and it feels like rigormortis. Regular NSAIDS do not work. I'am at a loss. Walking and grabbing bags with my hands can bring it on.
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replied January 19th, 2012
Major Cramps
not sure what my problem is here,I have high blood pressure and a enlarged heart.I am 51 years old.three years ago I started having severe cramps in my legs,feet,hands and chest.not getting enough sleep always seems to make it worst my Dr.seems to think I have anxiety attacks and has put me on clonazepam tabs.this is not working" I am still having the severe cramps causing a lot of pain and discomfort.should I seek another Dr.does anyone have any suggestions?
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