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Cramps and heavy bleeding - endo ?

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I haven't talked to my doctor yet, but once I've done enough research I will. I have read on a few sites about endo and am curious if it sounds anything like i have it. So I will explain why I think that I do and if any of you have or have not had these symptoms then please shed some light on this for me!

I got my first period when I was 12 for 13 days. Ever since then my period has become my enemy. I often left school because of cramps or because of heavy bleeding (I would bleed through my pants often and the only thing that saved me were my pleather pants seriously!) I actually still have 7-9 day periods which are very long especially since I have a 29 day cycle. the process is that for a week and a half before hand I get bloated, incredibly fatigued and my breast are VERY tender. I also get HORRIBLE painful cramps but they go away once I have a BM (sorry TMI!) and when I say painful..I mean it! I have 14 tattoos and 9 piercings and can take alot of pain but when i get these cramps I am in a ball crying hoping I can just use the restroom and it will pass. Then when I do get my period the period cramps come..these usually require a heating pad...but it doesn't completely help the pain just minimizes it. No over the counter pain meds help. I also have had one miscarriage with my husband about 3 yrs ago. We haven't used birth control or contraceptive of any sort in the last 4. We aren't "trying" but we also aren't NOT trying. My husband will be finished with school in 2 years and in a 1 1/2 I want to start actively trying for kids. I have discussed with my OBGYN my concerns on not getting pregnant and he brushed me off saying I am young and that he didn't see a problem in my exam. (This was my first and only visit with him, my DR of 6 yrs recently moved to Chicago and I am still unsure if I like his answer) I have never had my previous DR say I had an unusual pelvic exam but I also never thought anything was wrong with me and my mom just always told me that some women just have bad periods! I have this gut feeling that it will either be incredibly difficult to conceive or that we will not be able to. I just can't shake it.

SORRY this is so long! Please please if you have questions or comments or insight let me know!!
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replied September 1st, 2009
I also forgot to mention that when my husband and I have sex he can't penetrate me entirely because I feel this incredibly painful jabbing feeling.
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