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Cramps and feeling exhausted ?

I'm 18 years old and I just started taking Loestrin (birth control) about two months ago. For the past few weeks, I've been cramping like I'm getting ready to start my period, but if I'm on the pill, wouldn't I only cramp when I start the placebo pills? I start them next week (four days worth of them). I've also been exhausted. Terribly, horribly exhausted. I almost fell asleep today at lunch with my boyfriend! Speaking of lunch, I've also been hungry...I'll eat, then, within the next hour or so, I'll feel as though I haven't eaten all day. I've been moody (snapping at everybody one minute, then crying the next), I get slight headaches on and now, I'm a bit scared!

My boyfriend and I have been having sex (sometimes we start out unprotected but he always pulls out a condom) and the first time we had sex, he almost came inside me because we went completely unprotected the whole way. I know, that was stupid of me.

I'm just scared. I mean, I know I can handle taking care of a baby. It might not be easy at first, but I can do it. I'll be testing soon, I would just like some insight =]
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replied August 18th, 2010
takin birth control pills can make your body do strange thins and also makes you eat,so then you will notice you weight getting heavier,well i did to me by 1half to 2 stone more than my ususl weight,i would recommend the coil,it last 4yrs plus if i remember right,i went one to have 3 girls rather soon after i got it took out,and when i took the pill when i came off that it me a year to fall pregnant,hope this helps best of luck:)
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