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Cramping on left side a week after period

Okay so I had sex on the 23(I'm on birth control) I believe I got confused and took my nuva ring out to early ( the 27th) I started my period, which was way lighter still a normal amount for people i think but only lated for maybe 3 days. I usually have a full week person.I never put my ring back in because I cant afford a new one right now. Anyways 4 days later i had light pink spotting maybe for an hour. Since then for the past while I have had on and off cramping on my left side and left sided lower back pain as well. I have bin pregnant before and this same thing happened to me as well. My period are always the same never different either. I talked to a doctor and took a test it was negative but she said it would be to early to tell and would have to wait 2 weeks for a blood test ( I have one week left to wait). I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this? or maybe if they had any other answers on what this might be. Me and my boyfriend ( the same one i was prego before with) never cheated on me So I don't think its an std or nothing cause I haven't bin with anyone else.

Please help!
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replied June 6th, 2011
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If you had started your birth control prior to having sex as directed and proceeded to use correctly up until 4 days after sex then the chances of being pregnant would be slim as you would have been protected at that time.

Your period would be different because you deviated from the correct use of your birth control and that would affect your cycle.

There is obviously still a chance for pregnancy as there are risks even while on birth control-- wait another week and take your test.
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