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Cramping after period

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I missed my period in February completely and then in the middle of march I got it like I would any other time. Then a week later I randomly started to lightly bleed and then a few days after that it got really heavy. Unbearably heavy. I had terrible cramping. My heavy period ended 3 days ago however the extreme cramps haven't gone away. I'm not currently on birth control but would that help take the pain away? What's causing the extreme cramping? No under the counter medications are working (such are Pamprin, Midol, etc.) Not sure what to do. I have a doctors appointment but I need help in the mean time.
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replied April 5th, 2012
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Sorry to hear this. Is there any way you can see your doctor sooner?

Try Putting a warm water bottle over it.

Best of luck!
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