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crackling sound in lungs when exhale

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I've recently had a cough, and now there's this crackling sound in my lungs when i completely exhale. It actually sounds as if its in my throat, but i feel it bubbly like in my lungs. some minor mucus in the cough, but not much. What causes this?
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First Helper danalou

replied November 15th, 2010
For anyone who has crackling in their lung(s):
That's mucus/secretions down in your lung. Don't freak, but don't disregard it. You may need an antibiotic to rid your body of whatever infection is that is causing swelling, inflammation and secretions. I got bronchitis and coughed and hacked for days, refusing to go on an antibiotic due to side effects. When I started my morning coughing one day, there was a noticeable crackling or "rattling" at the very end of my exhale. I'd had pnemonia before. I was afraid. Others could hear it and I could feel it at the bottom of my lung. But it was loose and in my airway so I coughed until it was gone, but it was there again the next morning and then it began to increase over the next couple of days. Needless to say, I got on an antibiotic stat, and it's now gone... along with the bronchitis and most of my coughing! It may be what's called walking pnemonia which isn't alarming so don't freak out, but do get medical attention anytime you have congestion in your lung.
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replied January 26th, 2012
I have the same thing my dr started me on amoxicillon on monday afternoon and it is still not cleared up i was just wondering how long it usually takes to clear it is not as bad as it was but its still there...
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