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Cracking chest\clavicle and back below left shoulder blade.

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Hi everyone,
I am 30 years old and I have an ongoing problem with my back and chest.
My clavicle cracks like there`s sand underneath it when i move my left arm to the right side in-front of me. It`s like when someones knee or elbow cartilage cracks.
This is fairly new, maybe a few weeks to a month old.

Also my other problem is a pain in my back below my left shoulder blade near my spine. Everyday I can crack it 4-5 times and that relieves it somewhat. I can crack my ribs individually from my midsection all the way up to between my shoulder blades. Also if I turn or twist my body in a certain way, that area cracks and is relieved somewhat.
Although it starts or builds up again in a few hours. My shoulder joint also pops a few times when i rotate it. This I had for generally a year now or more. Its a bit worse now.
I also have mild chest pain occasionally but it doesn't radiate. My arms sometimes go a bit numb, tingling feeling (blood pressure maybe).

General background. I work with computer all day, i do slouch and my monitor is at an awkward angle somewhat. I had a condition called Schauermann`s disease when i was young: 7s_disease
But it wasn`t severe....I do have osteoporosis on my spine though, lacking calcium.

I also smoked for 10 years, quit recently and it did get a bit worse since I quit. Not much though.

Any help or views would be much appreciated.
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replied December 4th, 2012
Degenerative Disc Disease (not age or shape related)
Hey Peter -

If you're still suffering with this, you'll want to look into potentially having Degenerative Disk Disease..I have your same symptoms, complete with heart palpitations (A-Fib) and was told my Dr. Joel Wallach N.D that my problem relates to a back problem: the discs between the vertebrae shrink, essentially losing their cushion and smashing the roots of the spinal nerve that regulate heart rate and rhythm, other nerves to other parts of the body etc. It all seems to really make sense. I feel this must be why I'm forced to try to crack my chest to relieve pressure in my sternum. Sometimes I get shooting pains in my ribs and underneath my heart area. My doctor first said it was probably chostocondritis but now I believe it's a deeper-rooted issue. Don't listen to your M.D on this one. Google Dr. Joel Wallach "Degenerative Disc Disease" for more detailed/scientific info. Best of Luck
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