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Cracked skin on tailbone

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I am having severe pain, like sitting on a knife but only when I lay on my back or sometimes on my side. I can't sit in a reclined position. The only time it is not painful is when I am sitting upright.

The skin on the tailbone is split and raw. I use baby wipes when I use the bathroom to cleanse myself and have applied A&D ointment (not much help) and I am currently using something called BUTT Paste for diaper rash. It does not seem to help very much either.

I have tried warm water showers, keeping the area very clean and moist just in case this is caused from dry skin.

This problem seems to keep reoccuring. I don't know if this is pressure point skin break down or something going on with my tailbone which feels like it is coming through the skin. It is very painful. Does anyone have a similar problem with tailbone pain and cracked skin over the tailbone?
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First Helper albinocrow

replied October 16th, 2009
painful skin at tailbone area
yes! I usually can get rid of this by drying the area really well after bathing with a hair dryer on low setting, and then applying gold bond powder. Moist is not good as it seems to be yeast related. you can try monostat too. but now I am going through this again (happens about twice a year)and on a search for a more permanent or better solution.
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replied March 5th, 2011
I have this same problem. Has anyone found a good solution.
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replied December 1st, 2011
Ive had this problem since i was a teenager, i am 42 re
I found for me that anything moist, like A&D is not good. Dry, dry, dry seems to be the best way. I use powder made for jock itch and foot fungus, the usual ones you can find in any local pharmacy, no prescription needed. I start to use the actual jock itch cream as soon as I feel and itch, even before the area gets itchy and red, right before it cracks open. At that point, I just slather the heck out of it with the jock itch/foot fungus cream. I also sit on a pillow made just for this problem. I actually use a blow up one, yes like a raft, that was originally purchased because it was made to use on top the toilet bowl and used as a sitz bath, its called 'Sof Sitz'. using it on the toilet just made a mess, either I filled it too much and once I sat it flowed all over the place or i kept having to change the water, to keep it warm. I find taking a bath immediately once u find you have an itch, and i soak with Epsom salt. When I don't have any itch or indication that the skin is getting sore, I use Gold Bond, the orange colored plastic bottle. The blue seems way too strong. So needless to say, I go through about one of those a week. I read that corn starch can motivate yeast and even though female powder and baby powders seem to have this as an ingredient, i think it is use more to prevent and not to treat. Review:

NO Corn Starch, or A&D;
Gold Bond daily;
Jock itch/foot fungus powder as soon as you feel an itch;
Jock itch/foot fungus cream once skin breaks;
Pillows made to take pressure off tail bone (called a "donut");
Warm baths with Epsom salt weekly prior to any itch or breakage of skin, once skin is broken, daily bath;
Dont stay in same clothes all day, ex; what you wore to work, remove when you get home, and wear something else, including a new pair of undies;
Wipe area with 'Witch Hazel', which will not burn if the skin is not broken. I do this after I go #2, every time;
I find paying attention to the skin in the peri-anal area is a must, from the front to the back, I find that if my skin is breaking down on my tail bone, jock itch is sure to follow.

Hope those tips help.

Just saw 'Lanticeptic' mentioned, so I will be doing some research into that.
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replied August 27th, 2015
I finally figured out why mine kept doing the same thing. Had been going on for about 5 years. It was the lubrication I was using during sex. I am allergic to gluten and dairy. I recently read an article that said some lubricationd can have one or both of those in it. I bought a gluten free vegan lubrication and the splitting stopped. If it isn't lubrication for you it could be lotion, the neosporin, or even the baby wipes themselves. Anything can contain allergens. You should try eliminating things to see if that is the cause. Could even be your shampoo or soap.
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replied May 2nd, 2016
The itchy area above the tailbone is linked to a fungal infection. Try an athletes foot sprau and keeping clean and dry. Hear seems to aggravate it. Th
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