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CP diagnosis with verbal issues


My 3 1/2 year old daughter, was born at 23 weeks. She never had any brain bleeds while in the nicu for 6 months. She has met her milestones late. Her major issue has been, that she is non verbal. She does makes sounds but rarely any actual speech. Today we took her to see a neurologist who feels that she has, Cerebral Palsy but that it is mild. The doctor has ordered a MRI for her so we should have a better idea after the test.

The neurologist feels that she had not been diagnosed until now because she has extremely good gross motor. She can run, climb, even rope netting with no problem.
The only issue with her legs are that she is mildly high tone. She was very high tone as a baby but as she has grown and started walking it has improved greatly. She does walk on her toes but not often and she will stop as soon as I ask her to walk flat footed. While she does not talk, she has no issues with understanding me. I can ask her to go upstairs to her room and bring me items and she understands completely and will do it.

I guess what I am asking is, has anyone ever seen a case like what I am describing with my daughter?

I have been trying to find out about CP in regards to non speaking. Everything I am reading about CP has alot to do with issues with gross motor. I am not finding anything about CP with just verbal issues.
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